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Xtra launches local Twitter feeds

Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver readers can choose local-only feeds

Xtra launched three new Twitter feeds for its local content today, giving readers the option of subscribing only to news about their own cities.

In addition to the main @Xtra_Canada feed, there will now be feeds dedicated to Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver news, for people who want only local events.
@Xtra_TO will be your source for news and events in the Toronto area, @Xtra_OTT will feed you news from Ottawa, and @Xtra_VAN will relay news and events from Vancouver.
People who want to receive all of Xtra’s coverage, including news and events from those cities, the rest of Canada and around the world, can subscribe to @Xtra_Canada.
In addition to the local feeds, there are also Twitter feeds for our popular bloggers. Our federal politics blogger Dale Smith’s tweets are @HillQueeries. In Vancouver, Raziel tweets @BlitzAndShitz and Toronto’s Jeremy Feist tweets @TorontoDiary.
Many of Xtra’s journalists also keep their own Twitter feeds. From now on, you’ll see links to their Twitter feeds below their stories. You can also follow staff reporters Andrea Houston, Rob Salerno and Noreen Fagan — @dreahouston, @robsalerno and @noreenfagan respectively — and editors Danny Glenwright @DGlenwright and Robin Perelle @RobinPerelle.
Xtra is always looking for ways to improve the way we deliver the news. Let us know what you think about the Twitter feeds in the comments below, or tell us on Twitter.