Off the Chart
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Xtra launches “Off the Chart,” a podcast about The L Word

Ahead of the Generation Q reboot, we re-watched the groundbreaking queer women’s series from the early 2000s—and we have *feelings*

“Ladies, ladies, ladies, ladies, ladies…thank god for my little lesbian Planet.” 

With the The L Word: Generation Q reboot launching soon, what better time than to relive the ways our favourite lesbian, bisexual and queer women lived and loved?

From the team at Xtra, “Off The Chart” is an eight-part podcast devoted to the groundbreaking Showtime series The L Word—and the L.A. lesbians we can’t stop thinking about.

We’re looking back at all six seasons, discussing and debating everything from Shane’s haircuts, Jenny’s meltdowns, Bette’s affairs, Alice’s chart and—of course!—that Betty theme song.

“Off the Chart” launches Oct. 30, and will be available on various podcast platforms.

Meet the hosts who will guide you through the original L Word so you don’t have to watch all six seasons yourself (who has time for that?!):

Rachel Giese is the editorial director of Xtra and the executive producer of “Off the Chart.” She’s a Subaru-owning, women-in-white-undershirts-worshipping, loves-to-process lesbian cliché. @rachelagiese

Erica Lenti is a senior editor at Xtra, and the resident millennial L Word memelord. She deeply rejects that BuzzFeed thinks she’s a Jenny; she actually makes a living as a writer. #BettePorterForPresident. @ericalenti

Eternity Martis is a senior editor at Xtra, and is shamefully unashamed to be the last of the hosts to watch The L Word. A BuzzFeed quiz says she’s a Shane, but she also knows she’s a badass Bette. @eternitymartis

Michelle Turingan is the managing producer of video at Xtra, and possibly the only person on the planet who loves Jenny Schecter. According to BuzzFeed, they are an Alice and they are okay with that assessment. @chelleturingan

“Off The Chart” is produced by Corey Misquita (@coreymisquita). Rachel Matlow (@rachelmatlow) is the senior producer. Music for “Off the Chart” is by KidKulit.

So get ready for “Off the Chart”—we promise it will give you nipple confidence.