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“Off the Chart: Generation Q,” Episode 1: New Queers on the Block

Here's your episode of Off The Chart: Generation Q for Dec. 9

Off The Chart The L Word Bette Porter Generation Q

“Time’s up, bitch!” — Sarah Finley

It’s been 10 years since our L.A. lezzies walked off the scene (with the wind machine in their hair, no less), and it’s time for some new faces! In the premiere episode of “Off The Chart: Generation Q,” we meet the goofy Sarah Finley, the loved-up couple Dani Nunez and Sophie Suarez and the very adorable Micah Lee. All the while, we catch up with our OGs: future mayor Bette Porter, Alice Pieszecki a.k.a. the new Ellen and the very rich Shane McCutcheon (we’re just as confused as you are). What’s changed in the last decade in the queer universe that is The L Word —and what (or who) refuses to change with it? Find out along with us!

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Erica Lenti @ericalenti
Michelle Turingan @chelleturingan

Producer and editor: Michelle Turingan
Executive producer: Rachel Giese @rachelagiese
Music: KidKulit

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