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“Off the Chart: Generation Q,” Episode 3: Fudging all night

Here's your episode of Off The Chart: Generation Q for Dec. 23

Off The Chart The L Word Dani Sophie
Credit: Courtesy Showtime; Francesca Roh/Xtra

“I fucked the priest!” — Sarah Finley

Tensions are running high for our L.A. queers—and it’s about time! In this episode of Off The Chart: Generation Q, we process the third episode of The L Word‘s beloved reboot: Dani and Sophie are still sparring over wedding plans, Finley freaks out when she realizes she’s sleeping with a minister, Bette and Angie face off over public school and Shane can’t stop being a fuckboy. At least Megan Rapinoe shows up. Is it hot in here, or is it just us?

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Erica Lenti @ericalenti
Michelle Turingan @chelleturingan

Producer and editor: Michelle Turingan
Executive producer: Rachel Giese @rachelagiese
Music: KidKulit

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