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“Off the Chart: Generation Q,” Episode 8: Baggage Check

Here's your episode of Off The Chart: Generation Q for Jan. 27

The L Word Generation Q Bette Porter
Credit: Courtesy Showtime; Francesca Roh/Xtra

“I dated her. The birds were a whole thing.” — Dani Nunez

What better way to end a season of lesbian drama than by turning everything into shambles! In this season finale of The L Word: Generation Q, everyone’s grappling with loss: Bette struggles to find purpose after the mayoral race, Alice comes to grips with possibly losing her talk show, and Shane once again becomes a sad boi. Meanwhile, Sophie is forced to make a choice between Dani and Finley, and Micah learns something troubling about Jose. It all ends in a cliffhanger at the airport. Last boarding call for our L.A. lesbians: We’ll see you next season 👋

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Erica Lenti @ericalenti
Michelle Turingan @chelleturingan

Producer and editor: Michelle Turingan
Executive producer: Rachel Giese @rachelagiese
Music: KidKulit

The L Word's Shane McCutcheon shakes her head and says,