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Xtra Weekly: Conservative attack on trans people

Donald Trump Jr supported an anti-trans story, gay Walmart ad and queerness at the Oscars. Here’s your Xtra Weekly, Mar 1.

Donald Trump Jr, waves from the stage at the May 2018 National Rifle Association in Dallas. Credit: Sue Ogrocki/AP

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Earlier this week, Donald Trump Jr tweeted a story from The Daily Caller, a conservative American website, about Cece Telfer, a top-ranked NCAA trans athlete. The headline reads, “Biological Male Is Top-Ranked NCAA Women’s Track Star.”

Here’s what happened 👉 In his tweet, Trump Jr responded to the article and said, “Yet another grave injustice to so many young women who trained their entire lives to achieve excellence. Identify however you want, to each his own, but this is too far and unfair to so many.”

Meanwhile in Canada, people voted for Christian talk show host Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson of the People’s Party of Canada. The conservative candidate captured more than 10 percent of the vote in a Burnaby South byelection.

Why is the result surprising? 👉 Thompson has previously spoken out against SOGI and what she calls the “trans agenda” on her YouTube channel and at rallies.

In an interview with Burnaby Now, Thompson said, “I think the most important issue facing schools is that parents are highly alarmed and very upset that children are being taught gender-fluid ideology. It has no place in school.”

Trump Jr and Thompson are part of a surge of public figures who use transphobic attack to vilify trans people. As Alex Verman writes, as it becomes less acceptable for conservative politicians to express anti-woman and anti-gay hatred, trans people have become their new targets. Here’s Verman’s piece on why  conservatives love to pick on trans people.


🌎 Athlete Caster Semenya is challenging a new-set of rules that the International Association of Athletics Federations would impose on athletes with differences on sex development.

🌎 Conservative members of the United Methodist Church voted to reaffirm the church’s stance against homosexuality, prohibitions on same-sex marriage and LGBTQ2 clergy. #shook

🌎 In a hearing on US President Donald Trump’s ban on transgender people in the military, two administrative representatives defended the ban by comparing being trans to having a disease. 👀