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Xtra Weekly: Jason Kenney and the United Conservatives have won — now what?

GSAs, queerbaiting and Lizzo. Here’s your Xtra Weekly, April 19

UCP leader and Alberta premier-designate Jason Kenney. Credit: The Canadian Press/Codie McLachlan, Francesca Roh/Xtra

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Jason Kenney and the United Conservative Party (UCP) unseated Rachel Notley and the New Democratic Party (NDP) in the Alberta provincial election on Tuesday.

The UCP won 63 seats, while the NDP has been relegated to the official Opposition with 24 seats. This makes Kenney the province’s new premier and the UCP a majority government. When Notley won the premiership in 2015, she disrupted 44 years of Progressive Conservative governance in Alberta. This week’s UCP win marks the province’s return to centre-right leadership.

Kenney is a social conservative with a history of anti-gay and anti-choice stances. Several members of the UCP have also taken anti-gay, anti-immigration positions. During his campaign, Kenney also promised to repeal privacy protections for students in Gay-Straight Alliances.

Here are some of the online reactions to Kenney’s win.

What does a UCP victory mean for LGBTQ2 people? We dug into Jason Kenney’s track record, UCP party promises and the background of the new MLAs to find out.


🌎 A rainbow flag was burned in Charleston, South Carolina. Police are investigating whether the burning was an act of vandalism or hate crime. 😔

🌎 Nevada lawmakers have decided to ban so-called gay or trans “panic defenses” which have been used to justify the assault of gay and trans people. The defence has been used by individuals charged with violence or abuse who claim that they had a moment of impaired judgement after someone of the same gender made a sexual advance, or after discovering someone they were sexually attracted to was transgender. #noexcuses

🌎 A Malaysian human rights activist was questioned by police over a speech highlighting discrimination against LGBTQ2 people. 💔

🌎 A petition has been launched demanding that a Christian university rescind its invitation asking US Vice-President Mike Pence to speak at its commencement ceremony. One student who signed the petition wrote, “I am signing because Pence is a disgrace to humanity. He gives a bad name to evangelism—proclaiming the Good News. His news proclaims Trump’s evil.” #PlotTwist

🌎 They demand a refund. A Scottish university nullified an honorary degree given to Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah after Brunei’s government recently enacted a law that punishes gay sex with death by stoning.

🌎 Here are 15 US states where it’s legal to fire someone for being gay. IT SHOULD BE ZERO 😠.