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Xtra Xposed – Charlie David

After many
months of debate, and then a few weeks of searching, I finally managed to track
down Canadian triple (Quadruple? Quintuple?) threat Charlie David. He’s
graciously agreed to an interview here on and even wrote me while
filming in Africa to confirm that he was cooking up a real doozey of an

heard of Charlie? You should brush up on your basics. He’s Canadian. He’s an
entertainer – in the true sense of the word. He’s also gay and out and has been
an advocate for LGBT issues for almost as long as he’s been in the spotlight.  

He’s creative.
He’s handsome. He’s intelligent. He’s an artist. And I’ll be the first to admit
that I’ve been capital ‘J’ Jealous of this guy in the not-too-distant past.

Last summer,
I finally got a chance to introduce myself to Charlie at Victoria Pride. Turns
out you can add nice guy to his list of accomplishments. And now this interview…I’ve
got news for you boys and girls: he’s also self-deprecating and sassy!  

It’s a
pleasure to have Charlie on here. Check out his new season of Bump! on OUTtv
(or LOGO if you live in the US). He’s also signed on to a new movie project
called Judas Kiss. Here's what he has to say:

1) Who the
hell are you and what do you do?

I’ll answer
this question by who I’m not so your dear readers will be able to distinguish
between the two of us.  I’m not the younger one, I’m not a poet, and I
have no intention of quitting my gay jobs…

2) Which do you prefer…Bump! or Bumpits?

To prefer one would mean I’d have to choose and I’m an advocate for both.
 If my hair was a little longer I’d probably use Bumpits regularly on
Bump.  After all flat hair is so yesterday. Which do you prefer?  The
Side View Headless Torso or the High Camera Angle Headless Torso? If you HAD to

**Sean's note: High Camera Angle Headless Torso shot…<snort> obviously** 

3) Which do you prefer…Dante’s Cove
or Dante’s Peak?

I don’t know what either of these things are…But I do like Brazilians.
 The people not the waxing and preferably the males.

4) Okay, now let’s get to business…Canadian…and gay…AND from Saskatchewan.
How have these three things helped or hindered your career?

The Canadian
card is always a winner.  Definitely two thumbs up and an advantage in so
many professions… From inventors of helpful thing-a-ma-jigs like the
telephone and space ship go-go gadget arms to Dog Sled Enthusiast to Zamboni
driver to world class Gaylebrity.  Absolutely my Canuckness got me to
where I am today.  The gay – yeah, not so much.  Really being gay has
nothing to do with me having shows on gay networks around the globe.  If
anything my being gay has been a complete hindrance.  It would’ve been so
much better if I was a breeder who just acted gay but we can’t win ‘em all eh?
 I threw that ‘eh’ in for effect.  Americans LOVE it.  If you
want to get bedded by an American – throw in a bunch of ‘ehs’ into your
dialogue and wear mukluks.  Works for me every time. 

And if you want to confuse them – tell them you just blew in from Regina.
 Actually leave that part out.  Doesn’t go over so well at gay bars.
 But saying you’re from Saskatchewan always helps.  It sounds exotic.
 Like Seychelles in the Indian Ocean or something… Saskatchewan… It’s
so musical.   

5) When I think out gay actor, your name is one of the first that comes to
mind. Is that an image that you’ve actively crafted or something that just
happened while your career took shape in the entertainment industry?

A little
known fact about me is that I’m an organist.  Pipe organs, church organs,
organs in funeral homes, wherever really.  Growing up I won medals from
the Western Board of Music… Twice.  I realize this is impressive.
 Somewhere along the path towards Organic Superstar – someone found out I
was gay and MADE me act.  It was never a plan of mine.  If anything I
feel like a broken mound of pedal stops, ivory keys and brass pipes strewn
across the jagged rocks of life.  Thanks for bringing that up…
 Heartless asshole…

6) My
younger sister taught LGBT at risk youth at the Harvey Milk School in Manhattan
for a number of years. Her students knew I was a gay writer in Canada and gave
her copies of Dante’s Cove to send to me as a Christmas gift, which is
the first time I had heard of you. The choices you`ve made as an actor are now
influencing a new generation of lesbians and gays – which is something not many
actors can claim. How does it feel to be a role model?

The fact
that you’ve placed role model and Dante’s Cove in the same paragraph frightens
me slightly.  And it’s not because there are witches and warlocks in our
show… Actually maybe that’s exactly why.  Honestly I’ve had and continue
to have a ridiculously ludicrous and fantastic life.  I hope in some small
way I can be an example that life doesn’t end when you come out of the closet –
that’s when it really begins. (Cue Music) I think the Lion, the Witch and
the Wardrobe is an excellent example of that. Think about it…  Or
go watch an episode of Dante’s Cove and try say Role Model thirty times without
laughing.  That’ll be a fun game too.

7) Now for
one of my biggest personal fears…How did it feel to cut all your hair off?

Are you high
right now?  Get over it Priscilla.  It’s just hair.  What do you
want me to say?  That I mourned for nearly a month?!  That I stopped
eating but still gained weight?  That every time I looked at my collection
of high priced conditioners in the shower I cried a little?  Is THAT what
you want to hear?  You heartless, tattoo’d freak! Just because you
still have yours you think you can point out those of us who’ve shorn our
locks!?  Is this freakin’ interview over yet… Who are you anyway?
 Where do you get off being so insensitive and mean?

8) I did
some polling on Facebook and Twitter recently. A few people wrote and asked me
to ask you about your production company – Border2Border Entertainment – and
your Vancouver-based talent agency: CTM International Enterprises Inc. 
How has actively becoming involved in the business side of the entertainment
industry changed your career?

It’s made me
wealthy beyond comprehension.  

9) Another
question from Twitter: how did you get so goddamn beautiful?

Don’t even
try to suck up to me now you little skater punk. 

10) Actor,
boy band member, books-on-tape-reader, writer, fashion designer, producer,
theatre performer, talent agent …Which do you prefer most and why?

I’ve already told you.  Organist.  I just do everything else because
I had a horrible accident in 1997 when a manicurist jabbed me with a file – in
my right index finger – thereby leaving me a casualty and unable to breathe
musicality into the organ ever again.

11) What
advice to you have for guys and girls who are looking to get into the industry
and be out?

If you feel
comfortable doing things like this:
Then full steam ahead. Welcome to the wonderful world of entertainment my

12) Where
can people learn more about you and your work?

There’s a
museum currently under construction in my hometown in Saskatchewan but until
it’s completed in 2032 probably my websites are the best places to troll

13) What’s
next for Charlie David?

Some more
books, some more travel, some more movies, some more boys, some more big
adventures – bring it on.  I love my big gay job…



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