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Xtra Xposed – DJ Dreaddy

What a week. I'm happy to report that I spent some time with the friend I've been referring to all week on UYA and he's agreed to contact the police. Check out the comments section to that hyperlink. We had an officer from the Hate Crimes Unit leave an opinion on the matter. Intense.

I'm also super stoked that DJ Dreaddy agreed to an UYA interview. I've gotten a pretty big heart on for house this year. I hope this helps answer some of the questions you may have about DJing. Local talent, y'all! Check it out:

1) Who the hell are you and what do you do?

Adam Dreaddy and I'm a Vancouver DJ.  aka.  DJ Dreaddy

2) Sometimes it
feels like every person I meet nowadays claims to be either a
photographer or a DJ. How hard is it to spin professionally and get
in Vancouver?

I think that being a dj is exciting and is an expression of style.  For
many people, it is a popular choice to have as a hobby.  Its how
serious you take it or want to take, that determines a career.  For
me,  professionally, djing can be stressful and competitive.  It takes
days to find that one song and sometimes weeks to put a set together. 
However,  if you're truly  passionate, mature, and patient you will get

3) How long have you been DJing?

Three years. I started with taking lessons with DJ Leanne and lugging records around
Vancouver's lounges and inviting promoters to those gigs. 

What's the difference between spinning records versus using CDs? 

Vinyl it takes a good ear.  You have to hear the beat count and mix. 
There is nothing better sounding than vinyl.  In fact I can use both
cdj's and vinyl but prefer vinyl.  It looks sexy to use and for me its
the true technique of djing.  Cd's are easier and actually show you
beat counts.  I believe cd's became popular because vinyl is expensive
and heavy to carry around. 

What's your favourite type of crowd to play for? 

I love playing for a
big room with a crowd that dances and gets into a fresh sound.  A crowd
that doesn't have to hear a song they heard on the radio to have a good

6) If there's one thing you want people to know about
DJing, what would that one thing be? 

It's one crazy rush to get a whole
room to dance and let loose to a song that gives you shivers.  Also, 
don't take anything too personally and don't take yourself too
seriously,  you're just a DJ.   

7) How hard is it to transition from the local to a national or
international circuit? 

It's really hard.  You have to really establish
yourself locally. Constantly promote yourself without being cocky,
maybe start producing original tracks.  In addition,  having a
confident promoter that believes in you and a strong word of mouth will
help you tap into another circuit.   

8) Do you have a tried
and true barn-burner that you pull out to get a crowd going? 

Mixes of
Eurythmics Sweat Dreams – a classic song with an amazing new beat
always makes a crowd relate and move.

9) What's your favourite new track right now? 

TV ROCK's –  'In the Air' perfect peak time track!

10) Where and when can Vancouverites catch you next? 

Nightclub September 23rd opening for Fritz Helder and the Phantoms, and
Oct 11th @ Gorg O Mish for Tribe.  Also, I have residence at 1181 on
Thursdays / Earls on Robson Fridays /  Pulse Nightclub with Amped