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Xtra Xposed: meet the new Vancouver blogger!

We're in the final countdown, people. Mad love to Dave, Tim and Tom – thanks for reading! I'm sure I'll find a new way to lower your brain cells somewhere else soon.

In the meantime, today is the big meet and greet! Replacement Raziel agreed to a quickie-view, and seeing as this is the first time I've seen his writing, I'm equal parts proud and delishishly delighted! Replacement Raziel is so clever, so dry and oh so… you know… it makes me feel like I'm Jennifer Lopez giving birth to a mini-Jennifer Lopez with a conjoined fraternal Mariah Carey twin sibling attached to the head. Imagine.

Meet Raziel!

Up Your Alley: Who the hell are ya and what do you do?

Replacement Raziel: I've been sitting here saying, "Who am I?" for the past 15 minutes. I don't know! I'm whoever I want to be. I write, make music and act. I'm a professional make-believer. 

UA: You are making your big debut online here at as its new Vancouver blogger and in print in Xtra Vancouver as the scene columnist. What should the city look forward to? 

RR: Me popping my scene-cherry all over this town. I see… glitter.

UA: What's your "scene"? Pay particular attention to the floating quotes. If you know what I mean. 

RR: My ideal scene is a DJ who makes me sweat and a dancefloor everyone’s competing to dominate.

UA: You grew up in Winterpeg and just completed film school in New York City. Why Vancouver? Why NOW? 

RR: There’s a lot of world to see. I went to a psychic on St Mark’s and she told me to go west. I didn’t want to go to LA because I don’t drive and hate the sun. So I spent my last hundred bucks on a pair of pants from Patricia Field and jumped on a Greyhound. I don’t really know why I’m here, to be honest. It just sort of happened and I’m going with it…

UA: One thing your readers absolutely NEED to know about you? 

RR: You are all entitled to my opinion!