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Xtra Xposed – Velvet Steele

It's official. We're launching today marks the launch new Up Your Alley segment. We had a soft launch with the uber-handsome and always dreamy DJ Landon James the other week and a hard launch today with the always enticing Velvet Steele.

Welcome to Xtra Xposed, y'all!

At the very minimum, I'll profile a local performer, activist or artist here every two weeks and show how they help make Vancouver the sexiest place in Canada. The format is simple: I ask ten questions or less and give these Vancouverites a chance to air their laundry.

So here's your chance to get upclose and personal with Velvet Steele:

UYA: You and I had the
opportunity to work together recently during the taping of an episode
for a new OUTtv lifestyle comedy called
Don't Quit Your Gay Job.
In that episode, you taught me and my cohost what it takes to be a
professional dominatrix. What sort of career path did it take to bring
you where you are today?

VS: Although I showed you some of the elements of what it is to be a Domina, we only barely scratched the surface. 

a hairstylist by trade, I became aware of the lifestyle through images
that were ingrained in my mind as a child in the red light districts of
Copenhagen Denmark, the country of my origin. Seeing strong images of
the "look" intrigued me and never left my subconscious. It wasn't until
the punk rock era that it began to resurface. The look was so strong
and commanding and with the creative flair allowed through hairstyling;
my interest began to resurface and manifest itself in my daily life in
my outward appearance. The "natural" progression of the psychology
associated with the type of play followed. I began to read, listen,
observe, watch, and in a manner of speaking "taste" what was out there
slowly becoming aware of my own interests and those of others.  I also
realized that a certain type  of power came with it and allowed me to
bring out the urges of others and help these individuals indulge in
their own interests. Subsequently this also helped me learn about my
interests, myself, and of course develop a style and presentation all
my own.
UYA: What are some of the most common misconceptions about what you do?
VS: It's all fashion, not serious, comical, lack of psychological involvement.
UYA: What advice do you have for those who are interested in trying BSDM, but don't know where to start?
VS: Learn
to identify where your interests came from and then begin a study a
local independent video stores of films available. Watch and observe
the look, attitude, and fun it can have. I do not suggest looking at SM
porn as a start. Then head off to your local independent bookstore for
more resources and READ, but keep in mind that what you do read is
merely intended as a guideline for you tot develop as your own. Have
fun while doing so and be open to knew things.
UYA: You are one of the Vancouver queer communities most outspoken
advocates, most recently taking a very public stance against the recent
string of hate crimes in the West End. What do you view as our
communities most urgent issues? Why?

VS: Most
importantly an awareness of your surrounding and those within it;
without it we become complacent and can't afford to be in ever growing
global climate/population/culture. 

UYA: You also host a number of events in and around the city. Where can fans catch you next?

VS: My
next event is an educational type of forum being hosted at Little
Sisters Bookstore, starting Saturday June 27th and continuing the whole
summer each Saturday from 7PM-12AM. 

As our slogan goes; Join us and be the first in learning to play with the hottest new high tech sex toys.
UYA: Where can people learn more about you and your services?
VS: My website at or do a google search; a lot comes up about me much to my surprise. LOL!! Don't forgot my blog at