Toronto Diary
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Yeah yeah yeah, here’s your Lana Del Rey, music nerds

Generally speaking, you know you’ve made it as an artist when drag queens start lip-synching your songs. So when I saw a girl doing Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” at Goodhandy’s, it was kind of a weird moment for me, seeing someone I had kind of assumed was still underground and esoteric. It’s a phenomenon known as “Feist syndrome,” named after she of the sparkly blue bodysuit and angelic voice.

Anyway, I know Lana Del Rey is still a big draw and everyone loves her (me included), so here it is, everyone: Lana Del Rey’s first video with an actual budget attached to it! Which means no more pouting into a webcam between royalty-free clips of old movies, which admittedly I had grown to love . . . Oh well, at least the new, more expensive videos have tigers and tattooed, half-naked punk rockers. Oh, and Lana’s wearing a tittie-cut-out dress. It has something for everyone is what I’m saying.

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