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Yes, that’s Rob Ford drunk and swearing on video

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Rob Ford and cameras are not a good mix. Inevitably, the two of them result in an embarrassing online video of Ford misbehaving in public, and then we have to field questions from our parents as to how he was elected.

Speaking of, there’s a brand new video of Ford, drunk at a fast-food restaurant, swearing incomprehensibly.

Oh god, he’s talking in a Jamaican accent. That’s not cool, is it?

Anyway, in a statement via The Globe And Mail, Ford went on the record to confirm that yes, that was him in the video, and yes, he was drinking, saying, “I was with some friends . . . What I do in my personal life and with my personal friends, that’s up to me.”

Look, if Ford wants to have a drink out in public in moderation? Absolutely. If he gets a bit tipsy in a private setting but happens to have a group of friends to look out for him? Go ahead! That’s your own time!

But, and this is kind of important, when you’re out in public, you happen to be a public figure. More than that, you’re a representative of Toronto. You’ve been given power on behalf of the city, and the trade-off is that you have to uphold a certain level of composure and restraint. When you’re out in public, you’re not just on your time anymore. So please, practise a little moderation, a little tact, and maybe cut it out with the Jamaican patois.