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Yesterday and today

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day.

It was also the first day of this blog, so unfortunately, I was unable to post anything about it.

I was 17 when I came out. I was living in rural Nova Scotia and it was 1993. I remember writing down the date in my journal: Oct 11, 2011 – kids those days had journals, not blogs – and only as an adult did I find out about the strange synchronicity of that event. I’ve now been out for more than half of my life. Even though coming out is often an intensely personal and private matter, in the end, it is about public visibility. And if it weren’t for others that I met who had come out, I don’t know if I would have been able to do it when I did, and in the manner in which I did: with confidence.

My thanks to them.


In keeping with the theme of “coming out,” well then come one, and come all to the 2011 Halifax Pride annual general meeting.

The meeting takes place between 7 and 9pm at the Residence Inn Marriott, at 1599 Grafton St (across from Maxwell’s Plum), in the Piccadilly Room on the main floor. The meeting will discuss and vote on new bylaws. You can read them here (with thanks to Daniel MacKay for posting these on Gay Halifax).

And for something on the lighter side, I’d like to share with you something that came across my desktop this morning.

Image via Gawker.


Happy belated Coming Out Day!

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