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Yet another affront to the Senate

Further to yesterday’s post, here are more Remembrance Day statements from Jack LaytonGilles Duceppe and a video from Scott Brison.

It was a nice ceremony sans Harper, with some 30,000 people attending, but I was a little unsure of the prayer, for which they listed all of the various personages in the government that we should pray for. That seemed a bit much for me. Also, interesting facts – there are 10 MPs and 10 senators who have military experience.

With 10 percenters now limited in the Commons, the Conservatives have decided to try sending them out from the Senate. Senator Runciman then admitted that it was basically the “Conservative campaign folks” who put him up to it, but this shouldn’t surprise us. It also shouldn’t surprise us that this is an affront to the independence of the Senate, and of its status as a chamber of sober second thought rather than simply an echo chamber of the partisan rhetoric of the Commons.

Apparently we’re launching free-trade talks with India.

And a group of Conservatives are trying to block the election of Julian Fantino in the Vaughan by-election and are applying for third-party status in order to spend money to advertise against him.

Up today – Nothing but the chirping of crickets and the sound of tumbleweeds blowing down empty streets and corridors. Didn’t everyone in Ottawa make it a four-day weekend?
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