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Yo, Liz Lemon! Being gay is a choice!

So, last week, Tracy Morgan (or is it Tracy Jordan? So confusing…) went full-Kramer at a comedy show, saying that being gay was a choice and that he would stab his own son in the head if he were gay. Normally, joking about stabbing your son in the head really does not the funny times make, so you can imagine the class-five shitstorm that has ensued because of his comments. 

To which I say: Seriously? You’re only picking up on this now?!

Jesus… Did you guys learn nothing from Charlie Sheen? Remember when Sheen got high, locked a pornstar in a closet and started trashing a hotel room? Everyone was freaking out while the sane people sat in the background saying, “How do you not remember the time he shot his fiancée then almost stabbed his third wife? This shouldn’t be surprising."

Look, I’m not going to try to defend his actions because what Morgan said was both inexcusable and inappropriate in any circumstance. This is a classic case of “stupid money” syndrome. Basically, it works like this: if you are willing to pay someone to act like a stupid asshole, they will eventually find ways to act like an even bigger, stupider asshole. It’s the same principle that has made Speidi, Tila Tequila and Brent Corrigan famous, despite the fact that they have the collective IQ of a grapefruit. 

I’m not saying you should forgive Tracy; I’m just saying don’t be surprised. He’s pulled this same, stupid fuckery before. He’s serving you the same bullshit, just in new and exciting ways. If one thing has come out of this, at the very least, it’s that it finally exposed homophobic violence for what it is: the stupid, thoughtless actions of a petulant man-child too dumb to accept the world and its people for whom they really are.

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