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You can’t make this stuff up!

We knew from yesterday's video that the National Organization for Marriage hasn't a single clue among them but their new press release proves it — they're hoping to find two million bigots to march against gay people and they're calling this initiative…wait for it…2M4M2M4M!!!  Nothing else I can possibly write today will be as funny as that!

That hasn't stopped other people from trying, however.  This video deftly counters NOM's fearmongering with a little help from Keith Olbermann and Bill Murray:

But for just plain silliness, you can't beat this mashup:

Yet no amount of mockery seems to stop them — consider this inane press release from the Christian Newswire, "Connecting the Dots: The Link Between Gay Marriage and Mass Murders:"

"…it is the decline of morality (and the faith that so often under girds
it) that is the underlying cause of our modern day epidemic of mass

Yes, because before the sexual revolution of the 1960s, there were no murderers.  Oh wait.

There's even less logic in the new Alberta health budget that adds about $550 million, ultimately spending $13 billion, yet crows about saving a relatively measly $700,000 by axing gender reassignment surgery.  This is a terrible blow to transgender people but out west, it makes sense — if Alberta spent money on removing dicks, they'd have no government!

And with that, I wish you a lovely weekend but not before leading you over to the Oh La La boys and their lovely, lovely new friend Santiago Peralta:

Seeing him this Good Friday means I too will be rising three days from now!

(yeah, okay, I'm done) 

See you Monday!