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You got schooled!

It's been a day of higher education as Ellen Degeneres addressed a graduating class, letting them know that they're all gay:

But our eyes were cast over to the U.S. Naval Academy, as students greased themselves up for the annual tradition of climbing a 21-foot-high pole:

And our favourite huffy newsman Keith Olbermann schooled Republican head Michael Steele for his ridiculous insistence that gay marriage will ruin the economy:

But it's not just the right-wingers getting schooled — our favourite sexy newsman Anderson Cooper's sending Barack Obama to detention over his failures on gay rights:

Want to educate yourself on the upcoming and always infamous San Francisco Folsom Fair?  Outraged conservative site World Net Daily has all the saucy details — because that makes sense.

And finally, the most valuable lesson of all — one learned painfully by Ryan Reynolds on the set of his new movie:  don't fuck with Betty White: