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You gotta give ’em hope

A decade in the making, Gus Van Sant's biopic of legendary gay rights activist Harvey Milk opens today in Toronto and Vancouver. Here's the glorious trailer, followed by some words from the man himself:


Even the straight-and-certainly-narrow David Letterman liked the movie enough to kiss James Franco — get your tickets here!

There's signs of hope everywhere:

— a Florida judge has declared the state's 30-year-old ban on gay adoption unconstitutional, finding "no rational reason" to keep orphaned children out of caring homes. The judge wrote, "The most important factor in ensuring a well-adjusted child is the quality of parenting." That's what we've been saying!

California's Fair Political Practices Commission is going to investigate the Mormon church's $22 million in contributions to ban gay marriage. How can they say they're a humble little faith group when they're throwing around more money than Elton John in a Versace store?

— 'The Advocate' magazine insists that the California marriage vote didn't fail because of rampant bigotry but in large part because of lazy, useless gay leadership. Umm, that's sort of good news, I guess…

— a university in redneck Kentucky held "live homosexual acts" right on the campus lawn!

— on a purely malicious note, rumour has it that rightwing harpy Ann Coulter has broken her jaw and had her mouth wired shut, making it hard for her to plug her upcoming anti-Obama book, "Guilty." Until I heard this news, I was an atheist!

— and hey, Guns N' Roses' guitarist Slash and his wife are on our side!

Of course, Harvey Milk's crusade hasn't been won yet: a man in Iowa was arrested for owning gay sex comic books while the government of Indonesia wants to implant microchips in HIV-positive people!

Yes, the future could be scary if we let it: for instance, if you believe the year's coolest movie poster, the city of Los Angeles will look pretty ugly in ten years but, in other geek news, we'll soon have a gay couple joining in on the apocalyptic drama of 'Battlestar Galactica':

I'm assuming that 'BSG' won't end with the final destruction of all mankind. Like Harvey said, you gotta give 'em hope!