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You have GOT to be kidding

Sure, I spend a lot of time here gleefully picking at the nastier excesses of religion but every once in a blue moon comes a story that gives me pause.  This week, it's the crazy naked man on PCP who smeared his blood all over a church.  I feel my world spin off its axis as I start to sympathize with the churchgoers!

Oh, but then I read about the Kentucky pastor who wants people to bring their guns to mass or the New York assemblyman who says that Holocaust memorials should be for Jews only, because "to include these other groups diminishes their memory" (Oy, what a putz!)  Stories like these reaffirm my faith in, well, whatever it is I have faith in!

I just can't help but believe that if there was a God, he'd have never allowed the Holocaust to occur, nor 9/11 nor this — the Wearable Towel:

Wow, that's almost as offensive as The 13 Most Awesomely Offensive Bruno moments (spring break is still my cringe-inducing favourite!) but I'll leave you with something delightful: a fan-made 80s "brat pack" video for the catchy song "Lisztomania" by PhoenixThe band liked it so much, they're calling it their "best video ever" and since it's filled with Ducky, who could disagree?