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You need to vote, we need you to vote, click here to learn more…

The queers have spoken out all across the country. A decision has been made to encourage all gays, lesbians, bi's and trans folk to go to the polls as one community and throw our lot in with the so-called special interest groups: environmentalists, unions, artists, Newfies and women's groups.

If you missed last night's electoral forum in the West End (put on by the fine folks at Xtra! West), click here to view the Q&A responses from the Vancouver Centre candidates and click here to view the responses from the Vancouver East candidates. I'm particularly interested in what Dr. Hedy Fry had to say about minority status, something I personally agree with. FYI She was the only candidate I saw attending the Vancouver Queer Film Festival. I also agree with her views on artists' rights. 

In light of that, you might want to check out – this is as close as I can come to telling you how to vote in Vancouver Centre. If you're checking into Up Your Alley from a different riding, type in your postal code and see what it says.

In other news, the secret love child of the following two gentleman was recently spotted right here in British Columbia…


(you guessed it)

Sensible sweater? Check.

Collared shirt underneath? Check.

Kitten-eating grin? Checkmate.