Toronto Diary
1 min

You want more naked Michael Fassbender? You got more naked Michael Fassbender

Despite Shame's weird (SPOILER ALERT) "Oh no, he's gay! He's finally hit rock bottom!" ending, which still feels like it was lifted straight out of one of those old-timey educational movies about the dangers of marijuana, Shame did give us something: specifically, Michael Fassbender's dick. And Michael Fassbender's ass. And if you look very closely, Michael Fassbender's taint. Shout-out to the taint enthusiasts out there!

Anyway, turns out Fassbender has made something of a career out of walking around with his ass hanging out, which is my bit, by the way, so eat a hot cock, Michael. A commercial for what I'm assuming is some sort of airline or travel agency hit the web recently, and it features one of Fassbender's first acting gigs. And surprise! It features DAT ASS. Unfortunately, it doesn't show more of it, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. Although personally, I was kinda hoping for a huge throbbing boner. Ah well, coulda shoulda woulda.