Toronto Diary
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Your daily dose of schadenfreude

Did you know that a scientific study has proven that daily feelings of schadenfreude (taking pleasure in other people's pain) boosts endorphins and is linked to a decreased risk of cancer? That's because it's a complete lie. Totally pulled that out of my ass. Sorry to get your hopes up.

Anyway, chances are a little schadenfreude here and there won't do a hell of a lot for you, but it's still fun to laugh at stupid people doing stupid things. With that in mind, here's a video of Justin Bieber getting egged at his concert to help you get through your day. Normally, I'd say it's mean to laugh at a 17-year-old getting egged, but just remember: he inflicted that fucking "Baby" song on the world. That kind of crap was not derived from a human mind. Clearly, he is some sort of demonic hell-beast raised from the depths to annoy the world to death. I have a $50 bill right here that says his stupid Lego hair is meant to hide the 666 on his forehead. Someone weigh him against a duck just to be sure!