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Your new favourite necklace

In the market for a penis-shaped necklace designed by Kesha? Well, too bad -- it’s gone

Following in the tradition of celebrity fashion products (RIP, Kanye West’s $125 APC hip-hop T-shirt), Kesha has teamed up with designer Charles Albert to put out a line of jewellery and accessories. The collection, named Kesha Rose, boasts such opulent items as the aforementioned penis necklace, gold hoop earrings with roses, spiked cuffs and three different pairs of penis-shaped earrings. Curiously absent from the catalogue are the vagina hat, anal-bead headband and hairy areola sunglasses.
The penis necklace (that never gets old) has already sold out, but other items are still available on the Kesha Rose website
Kesha isn’t new to the retail game, having released a fragrance back in 2012 aptly named Bitch. Now, along with smelling like you took a bath in whiskey, you can have the accessories to match your hot, new, black-out-drunk look. 
“There will be something for everyone!” she boasts of her line. You have to give a girl credit for trying, but I just can’t with this penis foolery. Plus, we all know there’s room for only one celebrity queen of jewellery, and that woman’s name is Joan Rivers. Bow down, bitches.