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Your weekend could go either way

Listening to still more gay rights debating this week —
(Dan Savage vs. Tony Perkins)
(Whoopi Goldberg vs. Elizabeth Hasselbeck)
(a woman in Portland vs. a rock)
— I can't believe we're having to struggle like this. It's like David vs. Goliath, only Goliath is a dinosaur with one of those walnut brains.

Stephen Harper and his Tories are all meeting this weekend and one of their topics will be "entrenching rights of churches not to perform same-sex marriages." Sigh. This constant paranoia from churches about one day being forced to perform gay weddings is like listening to that one unshaven fat straight guy who's convinced that gays all want to molest him.  Umm….NO. We're insisting on the right to marry, yes, but why in a church that hates us? I want a lovely outdoor wedding, myself. A nice seaside clifftop perhaps, rather than inside some incense-stinking mausoleum of bigotry. But that's just me!

No, it's time to stop obsessing over these horrible people's prejudices — like the Catholic priest who won't give communion to Obama supporters — and do something about it. This weekend, we basically have two options: there's this…

…or you could just say screw it and go have some fun! For instance, the new James Bond movie finally opens today but, while we love love love us some Daniel Craig, I can't help but feel a little nostalgic for the old, demented, politically incorrect Bond flicks, with their horrible, horrible sex puns and their creepy gay villians!

In other movie news, there's a great new trailer for next spring's big 'Watchmen' movie. If you like your cock big and blue, Doctor Manhattan's your guy:

Or go nightclubbing and see if can avoid hearing "Womanizer" more than seven times. Sorry, yeah, I'm not a Britney fan but, because I love you, here's eight minutes from her upcoming album.
Me, I'll be forced to skip the protest because I'm taking my dad out to see 'Quantum of Solace' for his birthday. Our loved ones always come before politics and one day, our anti-gay opponents will understand that. Whatever you decide to do, have a shaken-and-stirred weekend!