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You’re here, you’re whores, get used to it

Pornstar Brent Corrigan should not be ashamed that he gets paid to have sex.

Whore’s kind of a loaded word, isn’t it? And considering how versatile and bandied about it is, it’s sort of become the de facto term of degradation when launching the first salvo in a bitch fight. Stupid whore, dirty whore, cheap whore, whorey whore . . . See what I mean?

The sad thing is, in a completely logical world, whore wouldn’t even be all that degrading. If the worst thing you can say about a person is that he or she really likes sex, you probably don’t have much of a leg to stand on. Humans are genetically programmed to like sex, so at this point, calling someone a whore is like calling someone fat: you’re begrudging someone for indulging because you’re on a diet. La-di-dah. Does your crotch hurt from riding the high horse so often?

What’s that? Tie my screed into something that has to do with porn already, you say? Well, might as well. Brent Corrigan — or Sean Paul Lockhart, or whatever he’s calling himself these days, now that he’s trying to break into mainstream acting — allegedly placed an ad on Rentboy recently, and I use the term “allegedly” in the loosest sense possible: as soon as the ad was discovered, Brent/Sean denied its veracity, stating that it was a fake. The director of Rentboy later revealed that the ad was paid for using Brent/Sean’s credit card, and the mailing address checked out with his credit card company. Whoops.

Now, let’s get one thing clear: nothing he did was inherently wrong — up until he started trying to deny it. The guy’s gotta put food on the table, and if that means renting, more power to him. Just wear a condom. Trying to deny he placed the ad, on the other hand, was pretty shitty. It’s far better to be a whore than a hypocrite, but being both just makes the rest of us whores look bad.

Embracing your sex life is an integral part of being a well-adjusted adult. Whether you have a lot of sex or no sex, free sex or paid sex, gay sex or straight sex, it doesn’t matter what you do but how you do it. If you happen to be whoring with a little integrity, then there’s nothing anyone can say about you. But if you’re angling for those Rentboy dollars while trying to pretend you are but a demure little angel, don’t be surprised when people ask you to refrain from throwing rocks in your glass house.

I’m not trying to go down to where you work and slap the dicks out of your mouth; I just think if you’re going to suck them, you might as well suck them with a little pride. Whether it’s a blowjob, a rimjob or even a handjob, as long as you do your job with respect for yourself and others, then whore it loud and whore it proud.

Jeremy Feist is a Toronto pornstar. Porndoggy appears in every issue of Xtra.