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You’re the boss…a real Abtastic finale this time

Okay okay. I dropped the ball(s) last Friday on the Abtastic. I apologize. Talk about anti-climactic. We're all entitled to have a Glitter moment every now and then.

To recap for those of you just joining me now: 

After years of spinning my wheels in the gym, on New Years Day 2009 I decided to finally commit to a fitness program with the goal of having a six-pack at the end of 16 week program. After 10 years of pretty consistent weight training, I decided to cut out the first 4 weeks of LL Cool J's Platinum Workout and see how much I could do on my own without a personal trainer.

Yeah yeah maybe I've always had a little something for LL. Has work out plan…well, it's been something. To be honest, I had a hard time following the cardio requirements and at the beginning of March, I pushed my body too far and–exhausted–I caught a wicked flu which cost me some serious gym time. DON'T OVERTRAIN. I also had a Mexicoma in February and salmonella poisoning in April. All of which = my fair share of challenges sticking to this program.

*Oh yea – thanks to my sister Lindsay for taking the majority of photos posted here over the past 16 weeks.

Here's Week 0 back at the start of January:

From then to now, I've had to buy a complete new wardrobe – none of my old clothes fit anymore, including underwear. I've started to get some gigs here and there requiring me to wear nothing but underwear. Successful work out plan? Girl, you know it's true.

I'm not saying I'm finished at the gym, but for the purposes of posting the ab quest here, I am ready to move onto greener pastures here on UYA. So for the finale, here are some shots at Week 17 and a photo from the talented and hot Christine McAvoy at Xtra's recent Hero Awards. Check out her website and hire her already. Love her.

Here goes:

Thanks to Christine McAvoy for this:

Looks like a six pack to me. Thanks, LL!! Ughn!

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