Toronto Diary
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Zelda’s Is Burning

If you've never been to Zelda's Restaurant and Bar yet . . . Bitch, the hell is wrong with you? It's drag queens and burgers. There is no conceivable way that combination can end with anything less than delicious frivolity.

Well, I have some bad news . . . Last night, Zelda's was devastated by a fire that demolished most of the first floor, but blessedly, it apparently hasn't caused any structural damage, as shown in this image from their Facebook page that reportedly shows the extent of the burn.

In true drag queen fashion, Zelda Angelfire, the bar's eponymous owner, is already getting back up on her heels. In a statement released on her Twitter feed, Zelda has declared, "Like when a broken heel makes you fall down in the middle of a number, we have every intention of getting back up and WERKing it!" The sooner the better: where else am I supposed to eat a bacon cheeseburger where the buns are replaced with grilled cheese sandwiches*?

(*I don't like myself as a person.)