Toronto Diary
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ZOMG, new Scissor Sisters!

I was originally going to do a bit on the blog about the gayest albums of 2011, which I eventually had to sideline because there was only one really good one I could think of, Adele's 21, and that was only tenuously gay at best. The only other I could think of was Lady Gaga's Born This Way, which . . . No. No to that.

So thank God we're starting the year off right (and gay) with some brand new Scissor Sisters. I apologize for what's about to come out of me, but Jake Shears has the same effect on me as Justin Bieber has on dumbass teenaged girls, but ZOMG — NEW SCISSOR SISTERS! GET ME PREGNANT, JAKE. Oh lord, I'm sorry about that. I'm usually good about I'M GONNA FILE A PATERNITY SUIT AGAINST YOU, JAKE. Fuck, this is just going from bad to worse. Anyway, the song is just fucking killer, and it even features Azealia Banks (who you might remember from the ridiculously awesome track "212"), so listen to it now, my most loyal of bloggies.